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We have offices in Helsinki, Finland and Sofia, Bulgaria. We believe in doing things the right way.

Once upon a time, we had an idea to set up a company for like-minded people to work and collaborate together and pursue an agile way of life. The end result was Extreme Consulting a boutique consulting company helping clients meet their business goals and gain upper hand in a competition for survival. Little did we know that more people wanted to work in a similar, meaningful way while minimizing the stress usually associated with consulting lifestyle by doing the things the right way i.e. doing what the client needs and not what they think they need. This is accomplished by having the dialogue in the early stage.

Our people have multiple overlapping talents that are utilized in the projects. We are looking for designers, service designers, management consultants, developers (both front-end and back-end as well as unicorn full-stackers), data scientists and generally senior business people who can help our clients grow. We aren't looking for project managers unless you have at least one super talent to accompany you. We believe in people to manage themselves hence we don't need an additional management layer. What we do need is C-Level people to give our clients a hand, but that isn't project management — it's about one being awesome.

We are currently looking to quickly fullfil the following positions:

  • Frontend Developer (React, Vue)
  • Backend Developer (Node, Ruby, Python)
  • C-Level Tech Wizard

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Tommi Heinonen


The "can do" -man!