Our Core Competence

How we see the World and Work in general

Our story begins with a simple idea of doing things the right way i.e. creating services and features that the client actually needs. In our world it means real live user testing of a products that has been built for the end customer in mind. Our Service Design process is heavily data driven to really answer the customers needs.

One part of our daily struggle is to make sure our co-workers are happy since it directly translates to our customers happiness... go figure.

We simply refuse to believe that development can be separated from design so we always include a mix team of talented professionals with the client´s project. This could manifest as added architectual knowledge, if it´s a development project, and business understanding like Business Management or some specific industry insight like fintech to the team.

It´s hard to pinpoint our core industries since I think we have done it all from healthcare to logistics, from finance to pets, from maritime to real estate and from eLearning to eCommerce.

If you would like to know more about choosing the right technology for you then read what Greg wrote about tech stacks and buying a car from the Arctic Circle.

We design and we build. We teach and we measure. We dream the big and we always deliver. Until we loose our passion we´re here to help you to make your dreams come true.

Tommi Heinonen


The "can do" -man!