What Title Would You Prefer?

We are constantly hiring!

Recently, the Finnish press called me a “raging electric motorist” (YLE). While I'd like to think I normally keep my cool, I quite like this title. It has character. Previously I titled myself as "Full-Stack Software Craftsman With a Business Twist" on LinkedIn, earning the record of longest title in my workplace at the time.

The truth is, I'm not really into titles, at least not in a serious way. Also, I have never applied to a position like a developer, architect, team lead or such. I have just applied to a number of companies and found the right position after being recruited. This would be my ideal candidate, too — if you are passionate about business and software, we are interested.

However, I have learned that most programmers don't like this approach. I guess it's too vague. So here goes:

  • We like small teams.
  • We don't do waterfall.
  • Most of our staff are senior in their field.
  • Node, React(Native), Python, .NET, PHP (but not limited to these)
  • Only public cloud (AWS, Azure)

Questions? Please don't hesitate to call or message me.

Lasse Laurila

Co-Founder, CTO

Raging electric vehicle enthusiast