Tools of the Season

Interesting stuff to consider when starting fresh. Vol 1.

What are the latest and greatest tools for frontend web development? When mostly focusing on bigger and longer projects it’s not too often you get to revaluate the essential tools for your frontend stack. About being the latest and greatest, I have no idea, but here are some pretty interesting stuff to consider when starting fresh.

Styled System

Styled System is a tool for passing style props to components. Very cool approach for creating a component library with theme-based styling. Check this nice overview by Alan B Smith, or dive deeper into technical details by reading this great article by Varun Vachhar.


Wait… it looks like a UI framework? But I hate UI frameworks. Well, it isn’t really one. It’s just a super lightweight UI component library based on Styled System. It provides just the foundational components for you to build on, and a grid! You can also just use the grid if you like!


Parcel claims to be a “blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler”. I must say it feels very promising.

Ville Alankomaa

Lead Developer, Partner

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