Management Consulting

Our senior researchers, strategists, technologists and designers help you reach your next success story in an easy and effortless manner — while delivering a bolder point of view, better quality and faster time-to-market.

In these uncertain times, we focus on our client’s core businesses.

To hedge against the upcoming storm and even gain the markets, we propose to look at how the company could, using its current assets, create new revenue streams and streamline the current ones. We are really good at this.

“What we do is peace of mind, really.”
— Tommi Heinonen, CEO

We help our clients to be more productive. Our approach is to validate upcoming projects and nurture the innovation process to a point where key stakeholders can make data-based decisions and have information about the risks, opportunities, and cost-time structure at their disposal. Some call it roadmap planning, but we call it Building for the Future.

In many cases, we find with our clients that in-house resources and current vendors are more in the delivery business than collaborating as a sparring partner. Our manifesto aims to find hidden gems within the organization and build on top of them. We create concepts to be tried and tested in real life with a super-quickly approach.

It is called Beta Business, and we love it. Would you like to hear about it?