Technical Expertise

There are two types of companies today: Those that are good at utilizing technology and those that fall behind the competition. Consumers expect intelligent user interfaces and automated transactions. Businesses use it to make data-driven decisions, automate processes and speed up sales cycles.

“Every company is a technology company.”
— Lasse Laurila, CTO

Software Development

Programmers for hire. We are technology agnostic but especially outstanding at

  • latest frontend technologies,
  • cloud-native solutions (containers, PaaS),
  • enterprise software,
  • online commerce and
  • corporate content management systems.

Architecture Planning

Without a crystal ball, it is impossible to design an entirely future-proof system. But making wise decisions based on the known business requirements will give flexibility and save time in the future.

Our experienced architects will design a system that is modular enough for future extensions but simple enough to be implemented in a reasonable time to serve current needs. We base our decisions on data.

(business value) = (future profit) + (loss of waiting)
priority = effort ÷ (business value)

This is the formula we use, but you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll help you with it.

Technical Audit

“Technical audit (TA) is an audit performed by an auditor, engineer or subject-matter expert evaluates deficiencies or areas of improvement in a process, system or proposal.” Wikipedia

Whether it’s an existing system in your company or software you are planning to acquire, it is wise to know how well it performs in terms of flexibility, maintainability and scaling. Our in-house developed EC Score will tell you exactly that.

Audits are always tailored for each case and help you precisely determine the essential metrics for your decision-making.