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We believe in people. We believe that lead level, senior professionals with years of experience in their field are the key players to add real value to our clients. That is the reason why we decided to find only the most talented and capable people.

We gathered a few like-minded people to join our quest to fix the consulting business and create a company that would both provide the working environment that we wanted but also to be a creative sanctuary where we can help our clients by actually adding value to their business.

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Modern Tech Stack







What We Do

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Business and Enterprise Architecture

We understand large scale systems and integrations. Our main goal is to deliver business value, fast and reliable.


We join and co-found startups and ventures. We believe in fast/rapid prototyping and we know what works.

Modern Tech Stacks

Our skilled people learn what is needed in order to stay on top of ever changing world. Even our CTO and CEO still code.


We have the people, tech, knowledge and skills to scale any business.

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Monday – Friday 9:15 – 17:00
Excl. Lunchtime 🙂

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Behind the Scenes

Lasse Laurila, CTO

Lasse Laurila


Multi-talent tech guy who solves business problems with code.
+358 40 770 71 07

Tommi Heinonen, CEO

Tommi Heinonen


Full Stack Business Executive, innovator and investor.
+358 50 581 38 32

Greg Fedorov

Lead Developer, Partner

Hardcore full-stack tech guy with a design background.
+358 400 883 228

Ville Alankomaa

Ville Alankomaa

Lead Developer, Partner

Design oriented all-around developer and solution provider.
+358 40 561 6565

Full Stack Developer

Aleksanteri Heliövaara

Head of Innovations

Design thinking meets the latest technology.

Full Stack Developer

[ Your Name Here ]

Full-Stack Developer

We are constantly hiring.

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